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Wokitokiteki vlog

Poetry Foundation author page

Lyrikline author page

poems from Transversal (forthcoming) & 2 & 3 & 4

I Can’t Breathe / No Puedo Respirar gifs from New York Responds (Museum of the City of New York, 2020)

pan de mic / pan de mi a performance for Avivar el Pulso, Grid Galería (2020)

podcast for University of Arizona Poetry Center (2020)

Café La MaMa Live (2020)

@Salon: Queer Sound (2020)

La Treintena: 30 Books of Latinx Poetry” (2020)

translation of a poem by Nicole Cecilia Delgado & translator interview (2020)

“Le Spleen de la Floride” (diasporous prose, 2020)

Woodberry Poetry Room reading with Joyelle McSweeney & Ronaldo V. Wilson (2019)

Modular Hervor video for Translingual Poetics, Poesiefestival Berlin (2019)

from Bagku & new poem (2019)

translation of a poem by Amanda Berenguer (2019)

translations of poems by Wingston González (2018)

“Refuse Politics with Ivelisse Jiménez!” (essay, 2018)

“In Search of a Nuyorican Sixties: Reading the Pedro Pietri and Jack Agüeros Archives” (essay, 2018)

“Remediating the Latin@ Sixties” (essay, 2017)

Helena María Viramontes Annual Lecture in Latina/o Literature, CSU Long Beach (2017)

“How Puerto Ricans Have Reinvented West Side Story (essay, 2017)

“translatitudes” (poetry/essay/video, 2017)

poem and photos from #wordswelivein (2016)

“Diasporican Poets Mixtape” (essay, 2016) & 2

poems from Buzzing Hemisphere / Rumor Hemisférico (2015) & 2

review of Latining America by Claudia Milian (2015)

“On Out of Focus Nuyoricans, Noricuas, and Performance Identities” (essay, 2014)

reseña de Revienta de José Miguel Curet (2012)

transcripciones de Los días porosos (2012) & videos originales

poema de Los días porosos (2012) & 2

“Piri Thomas, poeta” (ensayo, 2011)

“san juan a distancia” (2011)

poems from Hi-Density Politics (2010)

review of Collapsible Poetics Theater by Rodrigo Toscano (2009)

tracks from Boringkén CD (2008)

review of The PoPedology of an Ambient Language by Edwin Torres (2008)

review of Teeth by Aracelis Girmay (2008, pp. 19-20)

poemas from Boringkén (2008; pp. 173-86)

from Kool Logic Sessions DVD (2005)

“Do You Speak Ubu Rican? On the Punk Muse of Rev. Pedro Pietri” (essay, 2004)

poemas de Las flores del mall (2000) & 2

About Urayoán Noel

Tatiana Mena Ramos, “Five Amazing Latinx Poets that Make You Rethink Bad Poetry Day” (2020)

“The Translator Relay: Urayoán Noel” (2020)

“How the Stoop and the Sidewalk Helped New Yorkers Stay Sane” (2020)

Samuel Ginsburg, “Sonic Modernity and Decolonizing Countersounds in the Poetry of Urayoán Noel” (2019)

“Ambient Buzz: An Interview with Urayoán Noel” (2019)

Emily A. Maguire, “’The Shuffle of the City Finally Becomes Us’: The Corporality of Place in the Poetry of Urayoán Noel” (2017)

Stephen Slessor and Anne Sophie Voyer, “Algorithmic Mimesis: Translation, Technology, Resistance” (2016)

Alexandra van de Kamp, “The Bilingual Buzz Behind Poet Urayoán Noel” (2016)

interview for Words on a Wire, KTEP, El Paso, TX (2015)

Rigoberto González, “10 New Books by Established Latino Authors” (2015)

Christopher Schafenacker, interview for “Spaces in Translation” (2015)

Kristin Dykstra interview for “Intermedium” (2015)

Federico Irizarry Natal, Federico, “Entre salir de Collores y salir de Llorens: de la idealización rural de Luis Llorens Torres a la distopía urbana de Urayoán Noel (consagración, intertextualidad y parodia)” (2015)

Tatiana Pérez Rivera, “Los poemas anti poemas de Urayoán Noel” (2015)

Daniel Alarcón, “Lost in Translation: Urayoán Noel Gives Poet César Vallejo a Digital Makeover” (2014)

interview and poetry reading for Latino USA (2014)

Latasha N. Nevada Diggs, “Last of the Cuchifritos: A Walk with Urayoán Noel” (2013)

Roxanne Hoffman note for “30/30/30” (2012)

Daniel Borzutzky, “Pablo de Rokha in English – the Interview with His Translator – Urayoán Noel” (2011)

Francisco Aragón, interview for the Institute for Latino Studies’ oral history project (2006)

UNstatements: the two feature-size photos on the about and contact pages are by Luis Carle; the events photo (Atlantic Center for the Arts, 2018) is by Rusty Witek; the one on this page (La Casita at Lincoln Center, 2017) is by Bourbon Street Buzz